Oh My Goodness Perú!

Perú fuíste extremadamente loco… la experiencia allá fue buena y no quedamos mucho tiempo pero siento que fue eterno ahaha. Como mi esposo escribio manejar en Perú,Lima es horrible, Nunca en tu vida se les ocurra alquilar un auto(es barato pero no son buenas condiciones como para hacerlo).

una de las anecdotas que quedó grabado en mi porque fue un susto, fue cuando fuimos a alquilar el auto, en ese momento salío todo bien hasta cuando nos entregaron el auto el guardia de seguridad nos comenzo a grabar, yo no lo habia notado…. y el tipo tenia su celular entremedio de su cuello fijamente a nosotros, estuvo mas de 3 minutos parado frente a nosotros y  fue allí cuando lo note. Mi latido de corazón comenzo a aumentar tan rapido que no sabia que hacer y lo unico que pude decir fue “hey todo bien”. fue ahí cuando note que no estaba todo bien, porque el joven se puso nervioso, se largo a abrir el portón y Yo como muy chispita no me voy de aquel lugar hasta que sepa que estaba haciendo…. cuento corto …. le llame, hablé con uno de sus trabajadores discutimos, me nego lo que estaba haciendo el joven diciendo * yo estaba viendo mis videos de musica*. Yo dije [si seguro estando tu celular en tu cuello, ni que yo fuera el video de musica*. bueno el estaba temblando y  al final de todo le saque una foto a su identificacion y el otro trabajador no le creyo, obvio si mentia !!!!! mald…. estoy segura que eramos su punto para que nos robara! pero que sepa que no somos estupidos turistas.                                                                                                                  al salir del lugar los dos teniamos mucha adrenalina y ese momento fue terrible porque el trafico fue horrible y ninguno de los dos queria manejar porque si chocabamos teniamos que pagar bastante! pero todo nos salio bien despues comenzamos a reir porque fue tanta la locura que no lo creiamos…. ahora que lo pienso fue genial ahahah DSC01148

Cambiando de tema Perú tiene su belleza, nunca me intereso ir a Peru pero ya que se me dio la oportunindad de ir, la aproveché. La verdad me gustó bastante sus lugares turisticos, tienen demasiados lugares en los cuales puedes saber de cultura, hechos que pasaron millones de años atras. Es un lugar donde tienes que ir con tiempo.                                          Bueno la gente bien cariñosa, son muy buena gente y con la que nos quedamos fue genial.

si tienen la oportunidad les digo que vayan cerca de la costa es muy lindo miraflores tiene lo suyo y la verdad es muy bueno para surfear allí, pensaba que el agua iba a estar congelada pero me equivoque estaba calentita y bueno el dia fue bastante caluroso, es muy

humedo en lima y estando cerca de la playa que mejor no?

Peru! Lima, Not A Place For the Faint of Heart


El Gringo In Machupicchu November 2015


Where do I start? Peru has it’s pretty parts as well as it’s not so pretty parts. Most people are familiar with Machupicchu and recognize it as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. 2 Novembers ago I went to Uruguay, Peru and Chile and was able to go to Machupicchu and see other pretty things in South America but recently my wife and I spent 3 nights in Lima and it was completely different.



Torres Family, who let us stay with them at their house



I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the interior (not city part of Peru) but Lima was mind blowing for me! I lived in Montevideo Uruguay and Vancouver Canada for almost a year and neither are similar to how crazy Lima is.


Mika with our tiny Kia Picanto



First of all NEVER I MEAN NEVER rent a car in Lima! It was insane driving there in Lima. We almost were ran into more than 50 times in less than 2 days. Everyone there is extremely aggressive when driving and never follow any of the so called “rules”. The police hardly do anything to help. Public transit drivers are the craziest, bus and taxi drivers will do anything to steal your lane. My wife was freaking out most of the time becasue she was scared we were going to get hit. I was trying to stay calm and not show that I was nervous as well. I used the car horn like I was going to be in an accident pretty much the whole time I was there and it felt like it could happen at any moment.


We rented a car the second day were there and met up with some friends of Mikaelas brother and then we went to the city center (Centro), and parked in a playa (which are parking places around Lima). We walked all over the city center and saw many cool buildings and old architecture. After being in Centro for a while we were hungry and went back to Callao where we were staying with some friends. Mika and I got my favorite dish Lomo Saltado and we decided to pay for their lunch as well and in total it ended up only being $17 which I found ridiculously cheap for 4 people to eat.

Later on, we drove to El Barranco (the cliff) and walked around that neighborhood which is more lively at night. It was fun seeing all the interesting people walking around and some crazies dancing humorously.

The second day we wanted to take it easier and wanted to go surfing at the beach Miraflores. The drive from Callao to Miraflores is different because it is right on the coast and has a lot of trash and rubble everywhere. Even though they are close to a pretty coastline it isn’t very well kept. The highway down to Miraflores is nice and they don’t drive as crazily over there. As we were driving from Callao to Miraflores the scenery gets progressively nicer, they are working on cleaning up the coastline and making it look more touristy I think. The surf there was pretty decent on the day we went and we decided to rent boards. We walked to many vendors and we asked them prices for a board for the day. Most of them are 20 Soles which is about 6 dollars but their selections are pretty limited and not very nice. We finally got one to lend us 2 boards for 30 Soles. We surfed for 2 or 3 hours and had a great time in the water.


La Chilena enjoying the beach at Miraflores


On the way back to the airport before we returned the car there were 4 legal lanes of traffic which was then funneled into 5 by local traffic. We were bumper to bumper for about 15 minutes and I was very liberal with the horn when taxis or buses tried to steal my spot.