New Day New Blog Post, Sickness in South America and Valparaiso


Being in South America has been great except for the fact that I’ve had diarrhea for almost 2 weeks. This may seem weird to talk about, but it seems to be a common problem because of something in the water. When I lived in Uruguay before I got food poisoning 2 times and it was miserable. Until about 2 days ago I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but now it seems to be either a virus or stomach flu. I am fortunate enough to get it when we just got here and now everyone including my in-laws think that they know what it is and how to cure it, as well as telling me not to eat practically everything.


Having your in-laws tell you what you can’t eat really limits your diet, they have also been making me take disgusting medicines and herbal teas (which I can’t stand). I know they are trying to help but not being able to drink tap water and eat is terrible. In conclusion to my rant, the water is bad and you should avoid drinking it. Many people from the States get sick here in South America from the water so it might be more safe to either boil water or to not drink the water unless you want to be very familiar with your in-laws or hotels toilet!


Enough of that boring stuff we can now continue with adventures. Recently we went to Valparaiso and had a good time touring around the city.


It reminds me a lof of San Francisco but with a South American spin. There is a lot of great street art/graffiti. I have never been to a place where I have seen so much good and detailed graffiti, which makes the city unique. It also has many steep hills like San Francisco and narrow roads.


We went to Valpo with Mika’s parents and her grandma/aunt. Her aunt and Grandma were freaking out when we were driving up one of the roads to the top. They were covering their eyes and saying how they didn’t want to die. We made it to a high spot and had a great lookout view.

Screenshot (142)

On the way down they were scared again while the rest of us were having a good laugh. We made it to the bottom and continued driving around the city center (centro). We then went and drove along the coast and stopped at a couple of places to walk around and take pictures.



6 thoughts on “New Day New Blog Post, Sickness in South America and Valparaiso

    1. Now I feel dumb haha. I was just going off of what I believed and what I was told, I should have looked more into it, but I’m still not too sure what it is that is making me sick. I thought it was the water but it’s hard to tell.


  1. That sucks to be sick on vacation.
    We just came back from Chile and drank the water without problems. The travel guide books said it is safe to drink.

    Try to stay hydrated, maybe get some Gatorade, it has minerals your body needs and is probably missing right now. I hope you feel better soon.


    1. That’s awesome! What parts did you visit?
      We have been here almost 3 weeks and will probably stay until June.

      I must have gotten a virus then!

      I am finally starting to feel better! I have been drinking a ton of boiled water and will probably get some Gatorade today to get more electrolytes. Thanks for your concern and advice!

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      1. We were just there for a week and stayed in Santiago and surrounding areas. Just wrote about it.
        We also went to Valparaiso and LOVED it.

        I am so glad you feel better. 🌷We always have meds with us for travelers diarrhea, just in case. Maybe a good idea for next time for you?

        That’s awesome that you stay till June. You can really experience the country then. I am very happy for you.

        I want to go back and see the desert and Easter island. What parts will you visit?

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      2. Oh nice! I’ll have to check it out. Yeah Valparaiso is a really cool city! I love all the graffiti and the architecture.

        Yeah that would be a good idea next time haha! I had never really experienced TD before. I just assumed it was food poisoning but I looked up my symptoms and it seemed like Travellers Diarrhea.

        We haven’t been able to see to much outside of the V Region Valparaiso but we are planning on going up North to the Peru/Chile border and possibly driving down the coast…..We may pass through the Atacama desert.

        I would love to see Easter Island as well but I don’t think it’s in our budget for this trip.

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